1. Leave your phone number and / or email address and be one of the first 5000 participants of the promotional campaign.

When we open, you will receive a promo code to the phone number and/or email address provided. We will be sending out the promo codes within 30 calendar days from the date of the official opening of the restaurant.

2. You can activate the promo code for a free pizza (the promo code will consist of numbers and letters) in the Dodo Pizza app after placing the takeout order at our pizzeria. One person can use only one promo code. The Dodo Pizza app will be available for download on mobile devices after we open the pizzeria. Currently, the work is underway - we are building the pizzeria and working on creating the app version for Cyprus.

3. Log in to the application using your phone number, enter the promotional code sent to you (your free 25 cm Pepperoni will be automatically added to your basket), and select the option of personal pickup. The order can consist of only a promotional pizza - no additional products are required. We just want you to try our pizza and also share our happiness with you.

The promotion is valid while products last. Information about the product and its cost are available at the pizzeria. The seller has the right to change the terms of the offer.